Hi! I'm Julie Sloan.

Inspired Jules is my creation to honor and support women makers, and inspire the entrepreneurship journey!

Handmade gifts have always been my “love language.” I grew up in a family of amazing creative souls – my father was a talented visual artist, my mom a seamstress and knitter extraordinaire, and my brother was a brilliant art prodigy at the age of two.

Expressing ourselves creatively was one of our family values and I am extremely fortunate to be blessed and nurtured by art in all forms.

My parents taught us that giving a handmade gift is far more valuable than anything ever bought, because it comes from the heart and hands of the person who made it. And more importantly, it is filled with intention and love.

My creative journey has been a winding road of discovery; from being a member of 4H in my youth and entering my sewn creations at the fair to making jewelry in the early ’90s, to Hip Baby Basics – my handmade baby accessory line created after the birth of my first child in 2002.

I eventually took a pause and worked in the corporate world. This fit my entrepreneurial spirit, working in the start-up space with technology companies in an array of positions from sales to customer experience, while designing systems for better efficiencies for our clients and employees. 

Secretly, my heart was always pulling me back to the entrepreneur life of creating. 

The year 2020 added another turn in my road, and I joined the 800,000 other women who left the workforce. It wasn't by choice, but it was clearly a gift from the universe as I was able to spend time reflecting on what my purpose and life’s legacy is all about. 

There is so much positive energy and meaning that goes into every handmade piece of jewelry, from the origin of the stones, the inspiration of the design, to the story of the maker. 

Inspired Jules was cultivated from the experience of years and a desire for a world where women are highly successful and abundant. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back often!

With love & inspiration,

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