Welcome to Inspired Jules!

Our desire is to help YOU send and receive inspiration through symbolic handmade jewelry and gifts. In turn, Inspired Jules will give back to organizations which align to our mission of empowering women.

Thank you for coming by to see what Inspired Jules is all about, we are glad you are here!

Inspired Jules is a small + mighty, woman-owned jewelry and gift box company founded by Julie Sloan to support women and celebrate sisterhood while giving back to organizations who empower women.

After decades of working for both large corporations and startups, Julie witnessed countless occasions of women cutting each other down and working alongside each other in a defensive way, rather than supporting each other. In our world where women are still fighting for equality, this was hard to watch. Julie had also been on the receiving end of this treatment over the years and after a layoff in 2020 she was inspired to do something about it.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and love of creating meaningful moments + memories Julie got to work! 

Inspired Jules is proud to be an e-commerce platform supporting other women makers and women small business owners. Here you will find the highest quality jewelry and gift items which are handmade by Julie herself, other women makers and curated by woman owned businesses. 

We believe in building community over competition, in lifting up other women and celebrating their success instead of feeling threatened by it.

We are also proud to have a licensed sorority Sisterhood line of jewelry and gift boxes! As an Alpha Gamma Delta sorority alumna, Julie recognizes the opportunity college age women have as members of a sorority to learn how to support other women and adopt a true sisterhood they can take into their adult lives (and workplace). Our licensed sorority line is handmade and intentionally designed to be symbolic of this sisterhood for both sorority members and alumnae. Please let us know if we can help create special gifts for your sorority events!

Everything we ship is carefully packaged in custom-made be inspired gift-ready packaging because we care deeply about the experience our customers have….life's too short for thoughtless shipping practices! This means if you want to send a gift to someone else, we will save you time and money by taking care of the details for you!

Inspired Jules is anchored on exceptional customer service which intentionally focuses on creating special moments and memories for YOU!

Our customers often say, "Inspired Jules is the best girlfriend gift!". This truly comes from my years of experience, and putting a bit of my heart into everything I do for this business. 

Thank you for supporting small businesses!