Maker Profile: Susan Forker, joeyfivecents

Maker Profile: Susan Forker, joeyfivecents

I was immediately drawn to Susan’s work, the vintage components, and the social consciousness around her work. The sources of her inspiration shine through in her finished products, and I have no doubt will be felt by those who wears her jewelry.

Hello! I’m Susan (not joey, although some people do end up calling me that) designer & maker at joeyfivecents. My jewelry features original vintage paper imagery with resin, and a combination of mixed metals plus vintage findings. Every ‘joey’ design is one-of-a-kind and honors the integrity of the original materials used, while reimaging them in a way that touches on abstraction, the natural world, and emphasizing reuse and eco-fashion.

I live and work in Bucks County, PA, and draw much inspiration from my surroundings – the natural beauty and wildlife that changes throughout the seasons, and the sense of history that is inherent to this area. I source local flea markets and auctions for materials, and often find that I am drawn to things that may not get used right away but have sparked an idea that needs to grow and develop. Digging through boxes of musty antique books and vintage ephemera is pure inspiration filled with possibilities. I thrive on that connection in my work between the past and the present – to incorporate something old that has been deemed ‘not useful’ or headed to the landfill and to present it in a fresh and unique way.

I see the sum of the work I do now as my ability to find the story in each handmade piece and tell it in a way that speaks to a modern audience. It has morphed from its humble beginnings on my dining room table into a full-fledged jewelry line, and I’ve loved everywhere that it has taken me.

– Susan Forker

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