Maker Profile: Stephanie Benson, Stephanie Benson Designs

Maker Profile: Stephanie Benson, Stephanie Benson Designs

Stephanie was the first Maker I approached about working with Inspired Jules. Her talent is masterful, and the exclusive pieces she is offering here are truly transformational. You will be especially moved by her ‘Send Love’ necklace and inspiration behind its creation.

Hi, my name is Stephanie Benson. I create original, hand-crafted pieces of jewelry for women (and the men they love) who value freedom, unique creative expression, and being in the moment. I am a New Mexico native, who now lives in Seattle.

Jewelry helped me find myself. While in college and having changed my major for the 3rd time, my Mother (also a jewelry maker), encouraged me to take a jewelry class. It was an immediate love and I quickly jumped in, apprenticed with a master goldsmith, and then went on to work with a shop owner who I collaborated with for 10 years. My Mom was also one of my biggest sources of inspiration and support, we even had some fun collaborating on some pieces.

My unique body of work combines 25 years of experience. I recycle metal when I can, specializing in ancient alchemy by melting the metal in a porcelain crucible, and pouring it into a steel mold to form an ingot. Then forging or rolling it into the form I desire. Silver and gold are my canvas, and I use the color in my stones to inspire healing through the connection of the mind, body, and spirit.

My innovative medium and style is inspired and influenced by my time living in the remote mountains of the Southwest and my Jewish heritage. My passion is to bring the wearer of my designs closer to their inner beauty and connection to self-love.

– Stephanie Benson

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