Maker Profile: Jenni Tissell, Weathered Soul Jewelry

Maker Profile: Jenni Tissell, Weathered Soul Jewelry

When I first saw Jenni’s jewelry, I got butterflies looking over her work. She tugged at my heart with a style that connects to my family roots and memories I love. Her unique handcrafted jewelry is a direct reflection of her cowgirl spirit. Jenni is a delight, and you will feel a kick in your step wearing her weathered soul creations.

I am Jenni Tissell of Twisp, Washington, and I love horses, and the great outdoors. I grew up with vintage western films and have always love the Old West. I have been inspired by that time in history to make jewelry that represents a time worn theme with elements of time gone by. I especially love the thought of a heard of wild horses or buffalo running free across the barren land! My jewelry encapsulates that style to me.

I became a maker because I love the freedom in art! I love to express my personality through creations I make, see people wear my work, and the diversity of people who enjoy it. From urban high-rise city to way out west country….my creations have been worn. It just warms my soul. I make jewelry using sheet sterling and copper metal, vintage items, leather, and primarily turquoise. I am very picky about the quality I product, as my goal is to have time worn pieces to hand down to the next generation keeping it timeless. My Dad raised me to believe that you work hard, and present your best side forward always, and I hope to think that shows up in my individually hand crafted one at a time pieces.

I am inspired by old things- a stripped paint picket fence, a rusty old truck in the farmers field which has seen its better days, a beautiful sunset behind an old barn, a prairie with roaming buffalo. My products are unique, and each piece is handcrafted so no two are exactly the same. I want people to be proud to know they are supporting a small artist, and that I have poured a little bit of my heart and soul into each piece.

– Jenni Tissell

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