Maker Profile: Dawn Ronfeld, Dhérèse

Maker Profile: Dawn Ronfeld, Dhérèse

I was first inspired by Dawn’s entrepreneurship and further by her impact as a teacher, navigating all the challenges of remote learning while growing a business during the pandemic. I am proud to be one of her early supporters in the US.

Hello from Ontario, Canada! My name is Dawn Ronfeld and my company is called Dhérèse. The name is a mash-up of my first name, and my middle name Thérèse. My invention is the Ring Keeper, which can be attached to almost anything with its versatile clip, so you can safely remove and store your most valuable jewelry accessories in the moment.

My inspiration for the Ring Keeper came from a ring my parents gifted me in 2006 when graduating from University. This ring has been on my hand ever since and means a lot to me. I found there were so many times throughout my day that I needed to remove my ring temporarily, and felt I never had a safe place to put it! Years later, after I started my career as a private school Science Teacher, there were so many times I needed to remove my ring for various experiments, and as a Volleyball Coach. I knew I couldn’t be the only one with this problem.

I kept getting signs that it was time to take the risk and invent the Ring Keeper. From my brother placing his ring on a carabiner while working as a fire fighter to various stories from friends about losing rings because they didn’t have something to store it in safely. It took 2 years of designing, prototyping, production, and beginning the patent process to finally launch my business and begin selling my invention. The Ring Keeper comes from my heart and I hope prevents many people from losing items that matter most.

– Dawn Ronfeld

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