Maker Profile: Catherine Lee, CreativeLee

Maker Profile: Catherine Lee, CreativeLee

I have personally known Catherine for over 20 years and am thrilled to have her join the Inspired Jules Community! Catherine’s work is perfection from the detailed artistry in her wire-wrapping, to her commitment of using only high-quality fine metal and gemstones. Her pieces are truly heirloom quality to be enjoyed for generations.

My name is Catherine and I love making jewelry that makes people happy.

The fundamentals of classic style and quality were deeply instilled in me during my 25-year career with Nordstrom in Seattle. And when it was time for a change, a new direction for my life revealed itself and pulled me toward it.

I wanted to make jewelry that my friends and their friends would want to wear every day. Jewelry that would make them smile a bit when they glanced at the bracelet on their wrist or when they received a spontaneous compliment about their necklace and earrings.

I went to school to learn the craft. I went as far as India to learn about semi-precious stones (and got to ride an elephant). I invested in the materials, tools and time necessary to create the pieces I saw in my imagination.

I consider myself as much a craftsperson as an artist. I relentlessly seek out the best silver and stones. I swear like a longshoreman when it won’t do my bidding yet keep at it until I get it just right. Every piece I create receives the same degree of attention and fastidiousness. Still, I have my favorites: intricate wire-wrapping, hammered and woven silver.

I’m fortunate to have a well-equipped workshop, but as important are my sources of inspiration. The spectacular water, forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest dazzle me (well, at least on the clear days), but the strongest influence in my life is the love I share with my family and friends.

My dear friend Julie was there when I started on this artistic path nearly 20 years ago. She encouraged me and influenced me with her impeccable sense of taste. It’s a great privilege to be part of her new endeavor.

– Catherine Lee

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